Comet Assay IV v4.3

High resolution imaging

New camera with 3x resolution of previous models!

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Comet Assay IV software Scoring cells

Comet Assay IV's unique single-click scoring method and ultra-fast live video picture make it the most efficient and easy-to-use system available for measuring DNA damage using single cell gel electrophoresis. There are no complicated parameters to adjust and no hardware to install - simply connect the camera and start scoring.

Working closely with leading experts in the field, Perceptive Instruments have now released Comet Assay IVTM v4.3 - the very latest in a highly successful series of systems that have developed and evolved for over 20 years.

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The Comet Assay IV Product Range

Comet Assay IV software scoring system

The world's fastest, most consistent comet assay scoring software.

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Data Extractor

A powerful database tool for searching, filtering and archiving your data.

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System Access Manager

A secure user management system for those seeking regulatory compliance.

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Features of Comet Assay IV

  • Single click automatic scoring for unrivalled speed and reproducibility
  • Includes all major measurement parameters including Tail % DNA, Olive Tail Moment, Tail Length and more
  • Interactive hedgehog counter allows you to integrate severely damaged hedgehog comets with the rest of your measurement data
  • Powerful Spreadsheet Generator provides analysis & comparison of data
  • Flexible study management facilities help you work your own way
  • Meet regulatory requirements comprehensive compliance options for GLP & 21CFR
  • Detailed and comprehensive audit trails including saved images of scored cells
  • Oracle database connectivity for optimal security of result and audit data
  • Comprehensively tested and validated in accordance with our Quality Management System which is approved to ISO 9001:2008 incorporating ISO 90003

Comet Assay IV and how it works

Using a high resolution video camera attached to your microscope, Comet Assay IV transfers a live video picture to your computer monitor. The image displayed on the monitor mirrors what you would see by looking down the microscope’s eyepiece. Any refocusing or stage movements performed at the microscope level are shown live on screen without any lag or delay.

Scoring cells with Comet Assay IV is a uniquely effortless process. Simply use the mouse to select a cell and Comet Assay IV will instantly calculate all measurement parameters and then add the data for the cell to your list of results. Click on the next cell to be scored and the process is repeated. Each scored cell within the field of view is marked with a cross to help prevent rescoring the same cell twice.

Once all the cells within the current field of view have been scored, use the microscope’s stage controls and the onscreen video picture to find the next set of cells to be scored. In no time at all, you will be fluent enough with the system to score all the cells on a typical slide in two minutes.

When the required number of cells from a slide have been scored, the results can be saved in Microsoft Excel file format and used to produce reports on your collected data.

In addition to saving data to Excel, Comet Assay IV also incorporates powerful database capabilities. When used in conjunction with an Oracle database, result and audit data for each measurement is saved to the database the instant a measurement is performed.

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Everything has gone very well with the system and we are very pleased with it.
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