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Comet Assay

The Comet assay, or Single-Cell Gel Electrophoresis Technique, was developed in the late 1980's by Swedish researchers Ostling & Johansson as a fast, effective way of measuring DNA strand breaks in individual cells. The Comet assay is used for a wide range of applications, including DNA damage and repair studies, genetic toxicology testing, biomonitoring and nutritional research. For more information about the comet assay, please visit our dedicated comet assay website.

Perceptive Instruments have supplied application software for the Comet assay since 1992. We are proud to have equipped and gained invaluable advice and feedback from leading exponents of the assay for over a decade. We are the only supplier of Comet assay software that has attained ISO 9001:2008 approval for its Quality Management system from a UKAS accredited certification body.

Comet Assay IV

The world's fastest, most consistent comet assay scoring system.

Our Comet assay systems have always been regarded as the fastest and easiest to use. They are used in universities, research institutes, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations throughout the world.

Comet Assay IV is fully validated and is compliant with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Encoded audit trail files automatically record all system activity including settings, measurement data and edits. Comet Assay IV also incorporates hierarchical access and system passwords.

Features of Comet Assay IV

  • Single click automatic scoring for unrivalled speed and reproducibility.
  • Includes all major measurement parameters including Tail % DNA, Olive Tail Moment, Tail Length and more.
  • Interactive hedgehog counter allows you to integrate severely damaged hedgehog comets with the rest of your measurement data
  • Powerful Spreadsheet Generator provides analysis & comparison of data.
  • Flexible study management facilities help you work your own way.
  • Meet regulatory requirements comprehensive compliance options for GLP & 21CFR.
  • Detailed and comprehensive audit trails including saved images of scored cells.
  • Oracle database connectivity for optimal security of result and audit data.
  • Comprehensively tested and validated in accordance with our Quality Management System which is approved to ISO 9001:2008 incorporating ISO 90003.

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